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Launch Your Podcast Streaming App on

(Without Coding!)

Launch your Branded Podcast Streaming Apps Without Coding. Use existing Public & Private RSS feeds to manage ‘free’ & ‘paid-only’ content.

Platform Features for Podcasters💎
Do It Yourself. No Coding.

Powerful App Builder with Scalable Backend

Oyku Creators’ hub is the easiest way for Podcasters to build & launch podcast streaming apps across all platforms. Think of it as Wix or Squarespace for Mobile and Voice apps.

No Code App Maker

No Code App Maker

Easy-to-use DIY App Maker for Android, (custom) iPhone app, Alexa, & Google Actions without coding. Publish your apps to respective app stores.

Content Manager & Scalable Backend

Content Manager & Scalable Backend

Use existing RSS feeds (Public & Private) to manage free and paid-only content. Or use free hosting to upload episodes.

Monetize: Your App & Content

Monetize: Your App & Content

Monetize by linking your Google AdMob account and additionally via end-user paid subscriptions (supports ‘Pateron’ login for ‘Pateron-only’ content).

Manage End-users

Manage End-users

Use the social sign-in (Fb & Google) for your app(s), get to know your users - export to send email campaigns & promos.

Mobile Apps Features (Android & iOS) 📲

Modern UI. Powerful Features. Your Branding.


Custom App Branding

Show off your podcast brand from the app store to launch the screen and beyond!

Publish to Store

Publish to Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The stage is yours, break a leg!

Monetize Your App

Monetize your apps by linking Google AdMob and paid-subscriptions (supports ‘Pateron’ login for ‘Pateron-only’ content).

Manage Users

Use the social sign-in (Fb & Google) for your app, get to know your end-users.

Intuitive UI

Deliver a great brand experience with a modern, minimalist design optimized for content discovery & consumption.

Manage Content

Manage free and paid-only content across all your mobile apps via Oyku Creator’s Hub.


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