DIY Voice App 😎 without Coding 😍

Build Your Own Voice App. Publish & Manage Content (Free & Paid).

Oyku’s Creators’ Hub is the easiest way to build and launch your voice app without coding. Publish and manage content (free & paid). Acquire users and offer premium subscriptions.

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Easy-to-use DIY Builder 😇

Powerful Features with Easy-to-use Skill Builder


Custom Voice Response

Lend your voice for the voice interface (VUI). Allow your fans (users) ‘interact’ with you within your voice app.

Custom Branding

Build your own brand with custom Branding features (Sonic & Visual) - your app’s signature intro audio, store logo and more.

Content Manager

One-stop-shop for managing and publishing your content (free & paid) for your users.

Display Device Support

Your voice app automatically supports Alexa devices with screen support.


Most Common Questions (and answers!)