How it works

1. Your Brand Details

Add your YouTube brand detail, and logo. Optionally, create a membership plan and pricing.

2. Connect Your Tools

Link your YouTube channel to sync videos from your channel. Optionally link Patreon account for patrons to unlock member-only benefits.

3. Build Your App

Select the template you like. Add app’s store-front details, icons and that’s it - finish building the app in 30 mins or less.

Platform Features for YouTubers 💎

Do It Yourself. In 30 mins (or less).

Cross-platform: Build Android and (custom) iPhone app!

Oyku is the easiest way to create a beautiful streaming app for Android, and iPhones without coding or hiring developers - it’s Wix for Streaming apps except it’s easier (and faster).

Content from Your Channel

Your official app serves videos via YouTube channel so no impact on ‘views’ or ‘ad-revenue’ nor subscribers whatsoever.

Patron Benefits

Link your channels’ Patreon® to provide exclusive videos and other benefits to your biggest fans directly within your app.

Membership Programs

Run your show’s membership program (on your terms!). Offer exclusive content to your biggest fans via your official app.

Remote config

Release new content (Free & Paid), or update brand setting, social/tip jar links in real-time. No app updates needed.

Mobile Apps Features (Android & iOS) 📲

Beautiful App with Premium Features

Your Channel’ Branded App

Your YouTube channel’s very own streaming app - without breaking a sweat nor the bank.

Publish to Store

Publish your app to Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for your fans while reaching new audiences. The stage is yours - break a leg!

Membership Program (on your terms!)

Run channel’s membership program (on your terms!) and offer exclusive content & behind-the-scene videos and member-only LIVE streams to your fans!

Social Sign-in

Get to know your biggest fans — promote membership, merch, and whatnot.

Intuitive UI

Great experience guaranteed with a modern, minimalist UI optimized for content discovery & video consumption.

Premium Features

Native app packed with premium features - social sign-in, Dark mode etc.,

Pricing Plan 😍

Features & Pricing

Create an official streaming app for your YouTube channel - pay only when it goes LIVE on stores. Pick a plan that suits your ambitions. Oyku makes it super-duper affordable for YouTubers to build an official app, run membership programs, offer exclusive content, and reach new audiences across all major platforms.

Your Shows' Official Podcast Streaming App 📻

Le Hobbyist 🎨

A standalone podcast app with lifetime license — powered by your RSS feed.

One-time $99/app

(Pre-launch offer - 70% off)

Branded app with lifetime license
All Branding features
(App store & in-app branding)
All app platforms & features
(Android, Custom iPhone app & Alexa skill)
Content via public RSS Feed
(Standalone app with no backend)
Premium app features
(Dark theme, Social sign-in, Intuitutive playback controls and more!)
Tips & Donation
(Paypal, Ko-fi, Buy Me A Coffee, Venmo)
Export Fan details
A Modern UI Skin
Basic Analytics
Community support

Le Studio 🏢

Best fit for Studios, Podcast networks, and content production houses.

All features in Pro plan, plus:
(À la carte)
White-label apps
(At one-time fee of $399/app)
In-app Purchase Module
(Via Google Pay & Apple Pay — $100/app one-time + $15/app/mo)
Publish Apps under your name
(Included in white-labeled apps)
All back end features
(Users, Analytics, Content Streaming, etc.)
Priority support
(A dedicated account manager)


Most Common Questions (and answers!)